Slowly we are saying goodbye to the Litter B …..

*** Our tiny tearaways will soon go to their new families. Families are fantastic!!! I am so happy that my little kittens will have wonderful caretakers who can’t wait to welcome them. I think it is important to get along with others to whom I commend my babied kittens…
This is my last photo session with them, look how they’ve grown!  

Warm regards,

Magdalena *** 





BIBIANO vel BIBI Dudoland*PL




Benjamin Dudoland*PL- d0933 – reserved :)


I’m totally in love ….

Incredibly yummy cheese … :)

Merlin’s kittens are 3 weeks now and have enjoyed their first decent food they deserved  

Our colourful foodies liked a fresh cheese with a cream very much. They wolfed it all down in the blink of an eye!
This situation inspired me to have a spontaneous photo session with them. Watch their first moments alone with this incredibly yummy cheese ….

yum-yum :)

BABY DOLL- reserved

BENJAMIN- reserved

BIBIANO vel BIBI- reserved

BOBBY BROWN- reserved

A couple of colourful tots – 2 weeks ;)

Hello everyone! 

Our cute little baby kittens are growing like weeds and I am very excited. It makes me happy to discover how they change day by day …

I am particularly enthusiastic about their large ears and gorgeous colours**** The time has really come to introduce my baby kittens in their individual galleries that have been developed according to birth order…****


BABY DOLL – girl fs0933 – reserved 

BENJAMIN – boy d0933 – reserved

BIBIANO vel BIBI –boy d0933 –  reserved

BOBBY BROWN – boy d0933- reserved


Fabulously colourful litter B- 11/04/2016 :)

**** For a few days I have been listening to kittens’ munching, I have been relishing the quiet grunts and charming sighs of our new colourful angels ****

Natasza became a mother for the second time, this time she gave birth to 4 considerable kittens:

  • BABY DOLL- (84 grams) - girl f0933 – reserved :)
  • BENJAMIN- (87 grams) – boy d0933 – reserved :)
  • BOBBY BROWN – (83 grams) boy d0933  reserved :)
  • BIBIANO vel BIBI – (89 grams) boy d0933 – reserved :)

**** Merlin LokiMiao* PL is the father of our sweethearts. A boy of original color b0933- chocolate point with an unspecified amount of white.


This interesting colour combination gives us a 100% guarantee that all babies will be points with blue eyes like their mother Natasza. However, we have to wait a little longer for the final determination of colours in kittens :-)

I invite you to look at the gallery of our 4 darlings- the girl is colourful – the boys are so far onecoloured ,

Best wishes … Magdalena ****