Kittens J

At the moment, all the little ones started journey of their lives to new homes – bursting with positive energy, love and respect ❤️

We let them develop caring for their health, socialisation and the future in the best possible way.

We plan another litter at the end of 2018 – please keep your fingers crossed for us ‼️


CH Victoria and her sweet little kittens – Litter I ❤️ 23.03.2018

I have to admit to being a sleepy-head and I am perfectly aware that this is my „birth defect”
that may bring me down someday

That was very close recently… Victoria gave birth to 3 healthy kittens on time in her cuvette. This smart girl woke me up at the right moment… Kittens have just turned 3 weeks.
They grow up fast and their weight is 0,5 kg each… It’s crazy here ❤️

We have two girls and one boy

  • INGEBORG – blue point- tabby girl-RESERVATION
  • I’m HAVANAH – black tabby girl- RESERVATION
  • IGNAŚ- black boy – RESERVATION

Check our gallery of little cats and find what’s new on our FB profile: DUDOLAND

Warm regards!






Kittens H – Jakarta & Django ❤️/ 01.02.2018 ❤️


It’s the eighth time that we have welcomed sweet little Devon Rex cats. Litter H is special to us because we intend to keep two girl cats with us: a snow-white Helenka with large ears and a wonderful coloured Hania with a snub nose. Both girls are very promising and we believe that in two months they both will turn out to be blood group A cats…
I am optimistic and I am sure you will keep your fingers crossed, too :)

Litter H also includes 3 wonderful boy cats. I personally fell in love with a tabby guy being a true copy of his father – Django LokiMiao*PL … I am wondering what he will grow into …

  • Haribo d24 ❤️ red tabby boy – RESERVATION
  • Hermes n24 ❤️ black tabby boy – RESERVATION
  • Helen w64 ❤️ white girl – SHE’S STAYING WITH US 100 % ‼️blood group A & she is carrying chocolate
  • Hannah f ❤️ black torbie girl – RESERVATION
  • Hugo w64 ❤️ white boy – RESERVATION

Check our gallery of little cats and find what’s new on our FB profile: DUDOLAND

Warm regards!









Natasha and all the unexpected things / LETTER G – 27.10.2017 ❤️

IC Nataszka Calvados*PL never ceases to amaze us ‼️

This time, instead of 3 images captured by USG scan we finally got 5 little hearts and 431 grams of pure happiness brought to Dudoland literally in an hour.  

The labour was fast and easy one and once again Nataszka proved herself to be a perfect mother! The very first hours were relatively difficult as the kittens were rushing to the nipples. However, Nataszka easily handled the situation. I got lost again and I can’t stop myself from starring at the „maternity ward” ….

In the second half of February 2018, the newly born kittens will be ready to bring joy to Devon Rex Lovers. At that time, they will have been socialized, dewormed and vaccinated twice, ready to leave their parents and start a happy life with new owners.  

We have 1 male and 4 female kittens:

  • GUSTAW ❤️ – red tabby boy –  RESERVATION
  • GRAFI ❤️ black- torbie tabby girl – RESERVATION
  • GEORGIA ❤️ -  black- torbie girl – RESERVATION
  • GIULITTA ❤️ black point- torbie- tabby girl – RESERVATION
  • GABRIELE ❤️ - black point- torbie girl RESERVATION






Let me present our fabulous letter F ♥️- 22/08/2017

My Dearest,

CH Victoria Jabulani *UA became a mother for the first time & she gave birth to 3 considerable kittens:

  • FLORENCE ♥️- (74 grams) - girl n33 – reservation
  • FRANKO ♥️- (79 grams) – boy n33 – …  is on the rainbow bridge :(
  • FABIANO ♥️ – (86 grams) boy n – reservation 

Django Loki Miao*Pl is the father of our sweethearts :)
I will observe eagerly their development…. the next photo session will be in two weeks’ time….






Let me present our fabulous letter E ♥️- 03/05/2017

That was quite a shock … parents of the litter E are white as a snow CH Jakarta Jabulani UA* and black and tabby Django Loki Miao *PL :)  Do you remember the last litter of this marvellous couple? Litter C- 4 female cats with a snowflake pattern… What a surprise this time… the pattern of those lettle sweethearts really surprised me.! Meet my two girl cats and one boy cat with a fabulous patter.


  • ELSA w64- a white cat with green eyes – RESERVATION
  • EMILIE f24- a tortoiseshell cat- RESERVATION
  • ELIOT D2133- a red point cat – RESERVATION

Welcome to our gallery with kitten images at various stages of their growth.

ELSA 98-gramme of fortune ♥️

EMILIE 82-gramme of fortune ♥️

ELIOT 93-gramme of fortune ♥️


Let me present our fabulous letter D ♥️- 11/03/2017

My Dearest,

IC Natasza Calvados*PL became a mother for the third time & she gave birth to 3 considerable kittens:

  • DAKOTA ♥️- (84 grams) - girl f24 – reservation
  • DANILO ♥️- (84 grams) – boy d33 - reservation
  • DIONIZY ♥️(87 grams) boy d33 – reservation 

Django Loki Miao*Pl is the father of our sweethearts :)
I will observe eagerly their development…. the next photo session will be in two weeks’ time….

I invite you to follow the common & individual photo gallery of the kittens :





Cattleya Dudoland*PL- available white girl with green eyes :)/ RESERVED


We are proud to introduce to you this beautiful Letter C – 4 Snowflakes!

My Dearest,

We have 4 snow white kitten girls gaining needed weight quickly. Jakarta has found herself completely immersed in excitement as a mother.
It was wonderful to see her hugging her baby kittens after quite a quick labour (2:30h) and purring happily. I know that cat breeding is not violet growing, but believe me… such moments are worth living for :) ****




Litter C – White Madness :)

Django Loki Miao*Pl – our chief playmaker  :) ;)
He was the one to “score a goal” for Dudoland 65 days ago :) LOL ;)


Slowly we are saying goodbye to the Litter B …..

*** Our tiny tearaways will soon go to their new families. Families are fantastic!!! I am so happy that my little kittens will have wonderful caretakers who can’t wait to welcome them. I think it is important to get along with others to whom I commend my babied kittens…
This is my last photo session with them, look how they’ve grown!  

Warm regards,

Magdalena *** 





BIBIANO vel BIBI Dudoland*PL




Benjamin Dudoland*PL- d0933 – reserved :)


I’m totally in love ….

Incredibly yummy cheese … :)

Merlin’s kittens are 3 weeks now and have enjoyed their first decent food they deserved  

Our colourful foodies liked a fresh cheese with a cream very much. They wolfed it all down in the blink of an eye!
This situation inspired me to have a spontaneous photo session with them. Watch their first moments alone with this incredibly yummy cheese ….

yum-yum :)

BABY DOLL- reserved

BENJAMIN- reserved

BIBIANO vel BIBI- reserved

BOBBY BROWN- reserved

A couple of colourful tots – 2 weeks ;)

Hello everyone! 

Our cute little baby kittens are growing like weeds and I am very excited. It makes me happy to discover how they change day by day …

I am particularly enthusiastic about their large ears and gorgeous colours**** The time has really come to introduce my baby kittens in their individual galleries that have been developed according to birth order…****


BABY DOLL – girl fs0933 – reserved 

BENJAMIN – boy d0933 – reserved

BIBIANO vel BIBI –boy d0933 –  reserved

BOBBY BROWN – boy d0933- reserved


Fabulously colourful litter B- 11/04/2016 :)

**** For a few days I have been listening to kittens’ munching, I have been relishing the quiet grunts and charming sighs of our new colourful angels ****

Natasza became a mother for the second time, this time she gave birth to 4 considerable kittens:

  • BABY DOLL- (84 grams) - girl f0933 – reserved :)
  • BENJAMIN- (87 grams) – boy d0933 – reserved :)
  • BOBBY BROWN – (83 grams) boy d0933  reserved :)
  • BIBIANO vel BIBI – (89 grams) boy d0933 – reserved :)

**** Merlin LokiMiao* PL is the father of our sweethearts. A boy of original color b0933- chocolate point with an unspecified amount of white.


This interesting colour combination gives us a 100% guarantee that all babies will be points with blue eyes like their mother Natasza. However, we have to wait a little longer for the final determination of colours in kittens :-)

I invite you to look at the gallery of our 4 darlings- the girl is colourful – the boys are so far onecoloured ,

Best wishes … Magdalena ****