Kittens H – Jakarta & Django ❤️/ 01.02.2018 ❤️


It’s the eighth time that we have welcomed sweet little Devon Rex cats. Litter H is special to us because we intend to keep two girl cats with us: a snow-white Helenka with large ears and a wonderful coloured Hania with a snub nose. Both girls are very promising and we believe that in two months they both will turn out to be blood group A cats…
I am optimistic and I am sure you will keep your fingers crossed, too :)

Litter H also includes 3 wonderful boy cats. I personally fell in love with a tabby guy being a true copy of his father – Django LokiMiao*PL … I am wondering what he will grow into …

  • Haribo d24 ❤️ red tabby boy – RESERVATION
  • Hermes n24 ❤️ black tabby boy – RESERVATION
  • Helen w64 ❤️ white girl – SHE’S STAYING WITH US 100 % ‼️blood group A & she is carrying chocolate
  • Hannah f ❤️ black torbie girl – RESERVATION
  • Hugo w64 ❤️ white boy – RESERVATION

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Warm regards!









Our chocolate guy turned 9 months ‼️

Time goes by so fast… Not long ago, I brought this little guy home…now, he has grown into a handsome gallant cat.

I’m very happy about his development and very enthusiastic about his appearance. He will soon become more like his father – IC Florentino’s RED HOT FLASH ❤️

What surprised me the most was his coat. At the very beginning he was a bold chocolate dragon, now, look what we’ve got! These genes … ‼️

Without going into detail, look how our little boy has changed … but nothing will change the fact that he is a true coddle cat kissing everyone every time ❤️