django loki-miao*pl

Just Dudosław – tenderly Dudi – one of a kind, unique, and absolutely perfect Devon Rex, who after 3-month socialisation in LokiMiao breeding cattery (Breeder: Mrs. & Mr. Pietrzok) as a 100% Devon meeting criteria of a perfect cat worked his way into my arms and heart!

He is an original man-loving cat. Be prepared for being captivated by his behaviour and appearance Ridiculously oversized ears and large almond shape eyes immediately enlarge his huge circle of friends! This brave, curious and very smart fur buddy has also saved some little room in his heart for a first girlfriend – NATASZA…

Grażyna and Jerzy – I would like to give very special thanks to you for this lovely alien whose playing nature makes my life happy every single day…


Born on: 2013-08-23 
Colour: n 24 
Blood type: B 
Father: SC Artur Rex Loki-Miao*Pl 
Mother: CH Gardenia Jabulani

gic Florentino’s Ringo Star*de

The more you have, the more you want… it is the only answer to the question: “Why do you need a second male cat if you already have Django Loki-Miao*PL” ?
Yes. That’s true. Django has a beautiful profile and his eyes are amazing! His profile is exactly the one I love: extremely large forehead and a short muzzle – the right size, without any peculiarities. All these features are passed on to his children… his personality is awesoooome! No territory marking!
You need to spend some time with him so as to learn about his unique therapeutic capabilities…but yeah, I had a dream… and it came true with FLORENTINO’S RINGO STAR – my true chocolate LOVE … bringing not only new „chocolate flavours” but also new opportunities. I can’t wait to see the results of this new companionship. I have got
a plan in my head, if it proves successful I will get the wheels turning I have been wondering for quite a long time what breeding lines to choose, what to focus on, and what I really like about this breed, i.e. what features I would like to bring out…
I browsed all available sources, saw hundreds of photos and bloodlines, and it turned out that all roads lead me and my dreams to Germany – a country most beloved by me by reason of my profession. This journey took me to another well-established breeding… FLORENTINO. Now, I am a lucky owner of a beautiful chocolate male cat – RINGO STAR, courtesy of sweetheart CHRISTA.
I do not intend to write at length on his genotype in the strict sense as this breeding line needs no introduction for those who are familiar with it, however, I do want to emphasise their incredible personality – a lovely nature that everyone is entranced by. I wish you all get such a wonderful DEVON.

Born on: 02-05-2017 

Colour: b23 
Blood type: A 
Father: IC Florentino’s Red Hot Flash
Mother: CH Florentino’s Celeste

ic jabulani jakarta*ua

Sooner or later further breed development became necessary… I always used to dream about a little white Devon from a recognized foreign breed.

That is why I made the final decision so rapidly!!! At the end of July Dudoland was joined by a new green-eyed girl kitten – JAKARTA. Her beautiful fur has ideal colour and type.

Natasza and Dudi (Django) were not opposed and became friends with her quite quickly. I am really happy to see them all sympathizing with one another. Dudi has gone crazy about her… and Natasza seems to be reasonable and never shows signs of jealousy. We are keeping to the plan…

Born on: 2015-03-05
Colour: w 64
Blood type: A
Father: Eclipse of Bebeny*LFA
Mother: Jabulani Barbariska*UA

BAER tested cat (unaffected)

helen(ka) dudoland*pl

Helenka Dudoland * Pl is the result of our breeding efforts for the last 3 years. Green-eyed and snow-white girl from Litter H – the daughter of IC Jakarta and Django.

Genetic tests confirmed chocolate gene traits in her, which may turn out to be additional advantage in combination with our striped chocolate boy GIC Florentino’s Ringo Star.

Like all our white cats she had a BAER test which confirmed bilateral hearing.

Helenka inherited from her parents what is the most precious for us, i.e. a wonderful proportional posture and
a beautiful high forehead after Loki Miao breeding line.  Her mommy IC Jakarta gave Helenka a noble dense snow-white fur and a wonderful profile. The girl cat also has a unique temper – it is a great success and joy for us.

On her first show, at the age of four months, both on the first and the second day she got excellent EX 1, BIV and NOM BIS 

Additionally, on Saturday she won BEST IN SHOW KITTEN (she got all the judges’ votes!) title and was chosen the most beautiful white cat from among all cats taking part in the BEST OF BEST White Cats Special Show

It is a huge distinction for our breeding, the more so that that there were plenty of lovely and titled white adult competitor cats! We appreciate very much each judge’s vote!

We promise to get back to the ring as soon as the girl grows her babies up. Then, as befits this line, she will be fully developed and we will certainly be proud of her 😉



Born on: 01-02-2018

Colour: w 64
Blood type: A 
Father: Django Loki-Miao*PL
Mother: IC Jakarta Jabulani*UA

BAER tested cat (unaffected)

Born on: 07-03-2018

Colour: n
Blood type: AA
Father: IC (N) Santala’s Quinto
Mother: GIC (N) Santala’s Roseli

(n) santala’s yaya

We are chasing our dreams …

This time we chose Norway, or actually, Norway chose us ‼️

We are happy to introduce (N) Santala’s YAYA ❤– a wonderful black pearl and a little prima ballerina admired by the way she behaves. Magical, extremely delicate, sensitive, conflict-free, and tender but also very curious about the world.

This girl cat has brought what we particularly value in this breed – namely extremely large eyes that occupy a significant part of her short mouth. Her head and ears are also fantastic! They are the ones that I dreamed about days and nights. Now, she started to grow her noble fur which is very promising.

(N) Santala’s Yaya also has ideal body proportions that we have always cared about in our breeding work – long legs and a fantastic swan-like neck ; ) Yeah!

Lisa, Torie and Andrea,

Thank you very much for honouring us ‼️

We do admire your consistent support, both at the time we waited for this dreamy girl and now. Thank you for staying in contact and providing us with plenty of positive energy, enthusiasm and love!

Thank you for sharing this “little piece” of your long-term breeding history with us ❤❤❤


dia premium cats*pl

The moment you realize that what you have been looking for all over the world for months is actually next door, in a tenement house on the ground floor, 5-minute walk from Dudoland …

The moment when it becomes clear as a day that these 76 grams of happiness gaining weight day by day, will soon open her eyes and will not let you forget about her…

We were lucky to accompany our new girl in the first days and weeks of her life. She has been and still is admired by the colour first which is actually the one we have always dreamed about, but over time, everyone notices a wonderful type and personality.

Dia Premium Cats *PL ❤ is a little girl who goes crazy nearly 24/7. She is such an amazing clumsy, either training tumblers or clinging to a man like a stingray, and believe me, it’s hard to “peel her off”

Oriana, thank you very much for entrusting this treasure to us – this is the best friend of our snow-white Helenka. The girls are of a similar age – now they are having great fun demolishing this and that ; )

It’s a wonderful time for all of us ‼️

Born on: 02-05-2017 

Colour: f 09 24
Blood type: B
Father: CH Zachar Winged Piksi*RU
Mother: CH Helen of Bella Tigra*DE

ch jabulani victoria

We had a very good start into the new year. Our feline family has been joined by a frisky little cat named Victoria. This blue point girl cat with forget-me-not eyes made my dreams come true !

One cannot avoid being astonished by the beauty and density of her coat… looking exactly as I expected it to look.

Her family tree evidences exceptional bloodlines of the best US and Russian breeds.
I am really looking forward to see future kittens after she is paired with Dudosław who is already jumping for joy and never lets his new girlfriend alone : )

Victoria is a little clingy; she would prefer cuddle sessions throughout the day. She is very playful, friendly and courageous. She adapted to her new Dudoland family and made friends with other cats very quickly. A strong team spirit is a great joy for the breeder !

We are happy to have her with us and we hope she is happy with us, too.

Born on: 01-08-2016
Colour: a 33
Blood type: A
Father: Oskar Mysterious Elf* RU
Mother: Jabulani Dulsinea*UA

ic natasza calvados*pl


Natasza caught my eye one day when I was struggling to find a cat wife for Dudosław googling hour after hour trying to find a perfect one!!! I can confidently say that I succeeded that day because this girl cat is really extraordinary Thanks to beautiful aqua blue eyes, amazing fur and a unique colour this pair will provide incredibly colourful litter. Besides, Natasza (Eng. Natasha) inherited her father’s beautiful over-sized ears. She shows promises being calm and submissive girl. I love watching her amazingly coquettish behaviour, waiving her tail and hips! Certainly she is 100% female cat. Natasza is really into fetching, she is so passionate about it that useless toys have to be replaced quite often! But when the night comes she snuggles up with my face and purrs… Ala, I would like to thank you very much for this little girl who loves us with all her heart, bringing joy to everyday moments…

EDIT 14th AUGUST 2018:

We have found a wonderful home for Nataszka ❤

IC Natasza Calvados*PL decided to quit her “mating” profession and we accepted her decision with real humility…

During a 3-month casting period our sterilized Natasza found her new crazy family already having a sterilized Bengal cat to share time together. The two cats fit in each other’s company and make a team that is good enough to steal donuts!

She has found a loving home with wonderful people and a new cat friend Sumisia.

Ewunia, I thank you wholeheartedly for everything! ❤

Born: 03-04-2014

Colour: d 33
Blood type: A
Father: CH* Barney Brooke Intis*PL
Mother: CH* Alison Calvados*PL

fot. by Ewa Miketa ❤ thx Dear