Dia Premium Cats*pl

The moment you realize that what you have been looking for all over the world for months is actually next door, in a tenement house on the ground floor, 5-minute walk from Dudoland …

The moment when it becomes clear as a day that these 76 grams of happiness ❤️ gaining weight day by day, will soon open her eyes and will not let you forget about her…

We were lucky to accompany our new girl in the first days and weeks of her life. She has been and still is admired by the colour first which is actually the one we have always dreamed about, but over time, everyone notices a wonderful type and personality.

Dia Premium Cats *PL is a little girl who goes crazy nearly 24/7. She is such an amazing clumsy, either training tumblers or clinging to a man like a stingray, and believe me, it’s hard to “peel her off”

Oriana, thank you very much for entrusting this treasure to us – this is the best friend of our snow-white Helenka. The girls are of a similar age – now they are having great fun demolishing this and that  😉

It’s a wonderful time for all of us ‼️