Natasha and all the unexpected things / LITTER G – 27.10.2017 ❤️

IC Nataszka Calvados*PL never ceases to amaze us ‼️

This time, instead of 3 images captured by USG scan we finally got 5 little hearts and 431 grams of pure happiness brought to Dudoland literally in an hour.  

The labour was fast and easy one and once again Nataszka proved herself to be a perfect mother! The very first hours were relatively difficult as the kittens were rushing to the nipples. However, Nataszka easily handled the situation. I got lost again and I can’t stop myself from starring at the „maternity ward” ….

In the second half of February 2018, the newly born kittens will be ready to bring joy to Devon Rex Lovers. At that time, they will have been socialized, dewormed and vaccinated twice, ready to leave their parents and start a happy life with new owners.  

We have 1 male and 4 female kittens:

  • GARFIELD ❤️ – red tabby boy – AVAILABLE only for pet love 
  • GRAFI ❤️ black- torbie tabby girl – RESERVATION
  • GEORGIA ❤️ -  black- torbie girl – RESERVATION
  • GIULITTA ❤️ black point- torbie- tabby girl – RESERVATION
  • GABRIELE ❤️ - black point- torbie girl RESERVATION






Let me present our fabulous litter F ♥️- 22/08/2017

My Dearest,

CH Victoria Jabulani *UA became a mother for the first time & she gave birth to 3 considerable kittens:

  • FLORENCE ♥️- (74 grams) - girl n33 – reservation
  • FRANKO ♥️- (79 grams) – boy n33 – …  is on the rainbow bridge :(
  • FABIANO ♥️ – (86 grams) boy n – reservation 

Django Loki Miao*Pl is the father of our sweethearts :)
I will observe eagerly their development…. the next photo session will be in two weeks’ time….






Let me present our fabulous litter D ♥️- 03/05/2017

That was quite a shock … parents of the litter E are white as a snow CH Jakarta Jabulani UA* and black and tabby Django Loki Miao *PL :)  Do you remember the last litter of this marvellous couple? Litter C- 4 female cats with a snowflake pattern… What a surprise this time… the pattern of those little sweethearts really surprised me.! Meet my two girl cats and one boy cat with a fabulous patter.


  • ELSA w64- a white cat with green eyes – RESERVATION
  • EMILIE f24- a tortoiseshell cat- RESERVATION
  • ELIOT D2133- a red point cat – RESERVATION

Welcome to our gallery with kitten images at various stages of their growth.

ELSA 98-gramme of fortune ♥️

EMILIE 82-gramme of fortune ♥️

ELIOT 93-gramme of fortune ♥️


Let me present our fabulous litter D ♥️- 11/03/2017

My Dearest,

IC Natasza Calvados*PL became a mother for the third time & she gave birth to 3 considerable kittens:

  • DAKOTA ♥️- (84 grams) - girl f24 – reservation
  • DANILO ♥️- (84 grams) – boy d33 - reservation
  • DIONIZY ♥️(87 grams) boy d33 – reservation 

Django Loki Miao*Pl is the father of our sweethearts :)
I will observe eagerly their development…. the next photo session will be in two weeks’ time….

I invite you to follow the common & individual photo gallery of the kittens :





Why we take our CATS to the vet for a regular check-up⁉️ Because health of our pussy cats should be of utmost importance to us and to you❗️

We take our Cats to the vet on a regular basis. This time it was Django LOKI MIAO*PL – a breeder mating only with our queens not because we put restrictions on him but we do care for our cats. Their good health is the most important and priceless.


VICTORIA JABULANI UA ♥️ because whatever you dream of, there will be fulfillment ♥️

We had a very good start into the new year. Our feline family has been joined by a frisky little cat named Victoria. This blue point girl cat with forget-me-not eyes made my dreams come true ❗️

One cannot avoid being astonished by the beauty and density of her coat… looking exactly as I expected it to look.

Her family tree evidences exceptional bloodlines of the best US and Russian breeds.
I am really looking forward to see future kittens after she is paired with Dudosław who is already jumping for joy and never lets his new girlfriend alone :)

Victoria is a little clingy; she would prefer cuddle sessions throughout the day. She is very playful, friendly and courageous. She adapted to her new Dudoland family and made friends with other cats very quickly. A strong team spirit is a great joy for the breeder ❗️

We are happy to have her with us and we hope she is happy with us, too.

Natalia, thank you for the confidence you placed in me. I am really grateful for this precious little girl. It’s like a missing piece of puzzle appeared ♥️

Our 5 Month Old White Kittens (Litter “C”) Can Pride Themselves on Their First Success at Cat Shows :)

Carmen and Charlotta … the C female white kittens made their public debut. I don’t know which of them is more pretty…is it a blue-eyed Carmen that has become very similar to her father, i.e. to my beloved breeding line – LokiMiao, or is it a green-eyed Charlotta that takes after her mother – Jakarta – whose pedigree really needs no introduction ***

After all, both little maidens have been awarded excellent stores, and Charlotta has earned the Best Of Colour title ;) :) 

See their photos and score results…Take a look for yourself and rate them… are they something to be proud of???





Jakarta Jabulani of Dudoland*PL is new CHAMPION FIFE :)

Dearest all ;) :)

Now it is time to show our successes at Cat Shows ***

It is common that breeders, means, amongst other things, participation in cat show and exhibitions organized by FIFe and SMK [Cat Fancy Association]! For us as breeders these kinds of events open up an opportunity to prove ourselves while you can learn about quality of adorable cats. 

We are very pleased to announce that our charming breeding female cat Jakarta Jabulani of Dudoland*PL has won a Champion title according to FIVE show classes!

We are very happy & very very proud :) :) :)


Then, during a two-day Show in Czech Republic (Olomouc) lasting from 3th to 4th December this year, she was awarded Ex1 twice and received another two CACIB certificates for IC [International Champion] title. Next year we will definitely bring the issue of IC Certificate to a close. We still don’t know what will be the sequence of events because our white girls is preparing for her next magic litter…

Take a look for yourself…she is in great shape!


Cattleya Dudoland*PL- available white girl with green eyes :)/ RESERVED


Good news from TICA :)

**** Alicja Dudoland*PL (M: ICH Natasza Calvados*PL & F: Django LokiMiao*PL) living currently in Ireland was my absolute favourite in the litter A.I am delighted to confirm that SHE is a Best of Color in Western Europe for the 2015/2016 show year as the 2016 BEST SEAL TORTIE POINT DEVON REX OF THE YEAR !!!


Thank you ELENA that you went to the show and I wish you further success!!! ****