kot w podróży

Condemned to blue 😉

On April Fools’ Day we welcomed the first Litter E1 this year. It was a very quick and effort-less delivery with our feisty Jolly Dudoland*PL as a mother cat. The delivery lasted two hours and this time there was no surprise in terms of colour. Blue Jolly Dudoland*PL which passes no chocolate coat + white and blue Tokyo Dudoland*PL produced four ‘little blueberries’ … it couldn’t be otherwise.

I am more than happy with this ‘deal’, the kittens are beautiful, they have wide heads and beautifully marked cheekbones. I am looking forward to their development and I also encourage you to stay with us and keep track.

Today, the first photos of 1-week old ‘blueberries’ 🫐🫐🫐🫐

  • ELENI white and blue / girl – RESERVATION
  • EMPATHY  blue / girl
  • ELMO  blue / boy – RESERVATION
  • EASON  blue / boy – RESERVATION

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