Paproch, Polly & Palmira Dudoland*Pl

Litter “P”, i.e. Paproch, Palmira and Polly are the result of cooperation with the Cozy Fur*PL cattery. I am very proud of all three of them and after having analysed all the pros and cons, I decided to keep all three treasures in Dudoland. At the moment, the young kittens are 6 months old and I am delighted with their development. I must admit that I am 3 feet off the ground with happiness. They represent everything I love about this breed and what I want to preserve in my further work. They also have wonderful characters, they are magical demons with extraordinary reserves of positive energy and love. ❤

Born: 18-04-2020

Colour: a

Blood type: A

Father: S’Lavender Cozy Fur*PL

Mother: Joko Dudoland*PL

Rosanna Dudoland*Pl

What can be said about the colourful girl you see in the picture with her older blue Aunt Polly? I think the mind sees what it chooses to see… For me, she is a sweet, always surprised “gnome”, whom I love literally for everything. For the way she falls asleep, wakes up, eats, falls off the scratching post…the way she cuddles and ‘speaks” the language of her own. What I also love is a little spot on her chin. Have you noticed that? This spot only adds to her extraordinary charm and personalizes her very much. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Born: 19-06-2020

Colour: n 03 22

Blood type: A

Father: Florentino’s Hermes

Mother: (N) Santala’s YAYA