Multi Coloured Litter N

On 02.04.2020  Helenka Dudoland*PL  gave us beautiful multi coloured kittens ❤:

  • NORAH f tortoiseshell and black/ female – RESERVATION
  • NICK d red/ male – RESERVATION
  • NOLAN n black/ male – RESERVATION
  • NALA f tortoiseshell and black / female – RESERVATION

It is the second litter of our precious girl who was born in February 2018 in our home cattery. The birth was a perfect one, a textbook example you could say, and we are very happy that our ‘snowflake’ has a strong maternal instinct. She takes care of the kittens wonderfully – one can say she enjoys motherhood. I was secretly hoping to get chocolate kittens that would make me jump for joy. Again, not this time… Nevertheless, in return for the colour, we have gorgeous ‘gremlins’ that grow fast like weeds on mommy’s nutritious milk.
We are very curious about their development, particularly as their dad Jahan Dudoland * PL was born in our cattery. It is the third generation … oh my, how time flies…

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Jahan Dudoland*PL

Helen(ka) Dudoland*pl