let’s we show off… litter a

The 1st of April 2015 our adorable catling Natasza Calvados*Pl gave as three cute girls. There we have: Alice, Amelie and Amy : )

I protracted little bit with introducing my sweet girls but I  let them  to put on some flesh. That’s why I planned their first photo session exactly two weeks after their birth. Both Alice, Amelie and Amy look very promising.

I love their „flying” ears, which ech of the girls inherited from their parents.

I will observe eagerly their development…. the next photo session will be in two weeks’ time….

I invite you to follow the individual photo gallery ot the girls  ❤️ (the galleries are organised in the girls’ birth order).

  • AMY

♥ amelie ♥

♥ alice ♥

♥ amy ♥