Litter K1

Anybody who knows me would confirm that colours are not really my thing 😉😎🙃 Not for vanity…certainly not. Just that I never intended to breed cats of a certain colour, but rather cats of the DRX breed type 😉 However, there came a point when all these tints and colours began to pique my interest, and I wanted to delve more into the subject.

The webinar conducted by P.A. Wilczek was a great opportunity to make the first step forward. I learned there that you may get solid offspring of chocolate or even lilac colour from two solid black parents.
It goes without saying that certain criteria must be satisfied in order for such a ‘deal’ to happen…and you need to be quite lucky. I thought to myself, “Let’s see if this will work for me”.

And it did work…Quicker that I could have expected and better than I could ever dream of…Here is my colourful squad: 2 sweetie girls and 3 whippersnapper boys:

🍀  K A T E R I N A    solid lilac girl – she stays with us, I’m 100 % sure

🍀  K O R T E Z    solid lilac boy – RESERVATION

🍀  K A L S I F E R   solid black boy – RESERVATION

🍀  K O R A   solid chocolate girl – she stays with us, I’m 100 % sure

🍀  K .C E Z A R Y . I G N A C Y   solid chocolate boy – RESERVATION

Proud parents are: jet black Zuza Dudoland*PL and equally black Lirika’s Amadeus Black  🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛

I am more than pleased to invite you to see the gallery of these elves and visit our profile on FB: DUDOLAND and Instagram 👉👉👉 DEVONREX_DUDOLAND

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