I know exactly what your first thought might be when seeing three active breeding tomcats…Let me explain what our concept and approach to “tom cat” is. We are constantly learning the lines we work on. The fact that the Devon REX breed matures relatively long and each one in its own way, is not at all a secret. We don’t want to miss anything and we are following development very attentively, step by step. That’s why we have developed a very simple rule to keep our boys happy and taken care of. Each of our ‘tom cat’ lives near our home with a target family, with whom he will stay forever when we decide to castrate him. We believe this approach to be very ethical and common-sense solution to all these problems arising from keeping cats together or in separate rooms. We say NO to any such attempts!!! Our priority is to provide a wonderful and dignified life for pour four-legged friends from the very beginning till the end. Our aim is to breed extremely healthy DEVON REX with a good phenotype and we are hooked on exceptionally sweet temperaments and characters.

This concept is not new, we have been using it for 4 years and we are pleasantly surprised with the results. Our boys are calm, they don’t mark territory and they are always happy to flirt with girls dropping by for dates…. They enjoy living with wonderful families, where respect and love for this breed is awe-inspiring.

These families are not random ones. These people are close to our hearts, we have known them and trusted for years. In 90% of cases, they are childless marriages, therefore our tom cats are treated there like children in the literal sense of the word. Only one of our tom cat lives with a 5-year-old human friend – and that relationship is wonderful. They watch Donald Duck together and share similar moments, just light and easy life.


All the girls live with us. We do not prefer the sub-breeding system. Our girls do not live with foster families for the time of raising kittens. We are committed to resources and sufficient living space. Our apartments are perfectly adapted to the needs of cats in various stages of their lives. We are still working on better solutions. We expand our expertise by taking very factual courses and trainings and monitoring our cats who live with us, not next to us.

young cats

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