Litter I1

I love my work, especially when I am fortunate. It’s so nice to get more from the fate than expected. ‘I’ Litter is a fulfilment of my dreams in 400%…
I am very pleased to share this happiness together with Julia Sharikova, who gave me a chance to get to know her fantastic breeding line. I can see how much I gained by introducing this pedigree to Dudoland and how big step forward I made.

Lirika’s Amadeus Black offspring have unusually sweet characters, I have no idea how to describe them – they are amazing sticky ones, they will ‘camp’ on you looking deep into your eyes, cuddling up after their mischievous actions so much and so often…My gorgeous elves…this love seized and took me … and not only me 😉

And those eyes… which fascinate so much in this breed. Lirika’s Amadeus Black carries gorgeous shape of eyes, so characteristic of the Julia Sharikova’s line. I am very curious about their development, but I am also pretty sure about it when I look at their parents and analyse their NOBLE ORIGIN.

🍒 INDIANA black /girl – will stay with us


🍒 IGNAS black / boy – RESERVATION

🍒 IMBIR black / boy – RESERVATION

I am more than pleased to invite you to see the gallery of these elves and visit our profile on FB: DUDOLAND and Instagram 👉👉👉 DEVONREX_DUDOLAND

♥ indiana ♥

♥ intense ♥

♥ ignas ♥

♥ imbir ♥