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Lirika’s Amadeus Black

The near year 2022 started with great news for us…Lirika’s  Amadeus Black is already with us! 💎

It is of no surprise that the boy is raven black and has fantastic ears. Yes, that’s what I love about this breed: big, nicely set ears. That’s is also what my breeding goals are based on. Black is what I consider the most ‘gremlin-like’ in the entire palette of colours. Lirika’s Amadeus Black is a great combination of excellent breeding lines of an unrivalled breeder – Julia Sharikova. Julia is a very special person to me. Notwithstanding her perfection and reputation in the DRX world, she has never stopped working hard and diligently. She is an example to follow in every aspect, from operating the best website I have ever seen and ending with great relationships with other breeders.

Thank you, Julia, for noticing me and giving me such a special boy as Lirika’s Amadeus Black. I really admire your breeding work and I’m more than grateful for your warm and welcoming nature. I firmly believe that our joint adventure will not end here and now… nothing inspires me more to action. ❤❤❤❤❤❤