Litter P1 – 01.06.2023

Sometimes the best things come out of unexpected events.

Such is the case with Litter P. Goofy Dudoland*PL is a phenomenal girl with stunning demon eyes whose fate turned out quite differently than we assumed.

This unexpected turn of events resulted in the present litter in which all the kittens are equally gremlin-like and, just as I suspected, took the aforementioned roguish and clever eyes with perfect spacing and shape (ideal for me and my vision of Devon ^^) after their one-of-a-kind mum.

In a word, this litter is very equal with well-fixed features.

As a mom, Goofy Dudoland*PL surprised everyone with her caregiving and dedication. It is downright heartwarming how she takes care of the little ones. Motherhood is definitely her calling. It’s impossible to resist the charm of the entire family. Take a look at their first photos and I guarantee that you will fall in love with them!


I present sunny🔆 litter P1- 3 girls and 2 boys:

🔆 PERLA – blue girl – she stays with us, I’m 💯 % sure

🔆 PIXIE – blue girl – RESERVATION

🔆 PRADA – lilac girl – RESERVATION

🔆 PREM – black boy – RESERVATION

🔆 PAPELL – lilac boy – RESERVATION


I am more than pleased to invite you to see the gallery of these elves and visit our profile on FB: DUDOLAND and Instagram 👉👉👉 DEVONREX_DUDOLAND

♥ perla ♥

♥ pixie ♥

♥ prada ♥

♥ prem ♥

♥ papell ♥