This post is to give you the idea of how we feed our cats at Dudoland * PL.

Having a huge selection of diets and feeds, I must admit it was not an easy task and it took us quite a long time, but we finally succeeded. For more than half a year, we have been fully satisfied with the choice we made and have found exactly what we were looking for. There is no manufacturer who would not compliment their product, and it is the task of a responsible breeder to find the most efficient and nutritional diet for their breed.

Cats are true carnivores, however we are experienced enough to know that meat, even if bought in the so-called trusted place is often stale and “preserved”, which does not necessarily serve our furry friends. We learned that the hard way, hence we decided to feed our cats on dry and ready wet food in cans from FARMINA.

dry and wet food

The dry premium N&D food that we have chosen is designed to meet all the requirements of our Devon Rex cats for macro- and micronutrients and vitamins. These ingredients are important for the growth and body maintenance, regardless of age and race.

Responding to the needs of customers, FARMINA has expanded its range of hyper premium N&D lines with wet N&D foods which is a wholesome food made of raw ingredients first steamed, then sterilized, in order to maintain fully organoleptic and nutritional properties. Unlike competitors, N&D products contain a lower level of moisture, thanks to which they have a higher content of dry food.

These innovative products can be considered a moist version of the croquettes of the same line, which were developed in accordance with the brand’s philosophy focusing on feeding system for carnivores. The production process is based on innovative multi-filler technology – ingredients that are suitable for human consumption are separately and sequentially put into cans and then steamed only once to maintain their nutritional properties and palatability. In addition, unlike competitive products, N&D wet foods are produced without addition of gums, carrageenan and other thickeners. A wide selection of N&D Prime, N&D Pumpkin and N&D Ocean recipes with real chunks of meat, fish, eggs, sweet potato and fruit will work out cat’s appetite once you open the canned food. The N&D Quinoa line stands for delicious pate.

At FARMINA they not only care about the health of our pets, but also about the natural environment, that’s why they use recyclable BPA-free cans, and labels are printed on paper from sustainable forests.

Based on our own observations, we can confirm that our diet contributes successfully to the overall condition of our kittens and adult cats. First of all, our cats have wonderfully shiny furs and leave no unpleasant smelly surprises in the litter boxes.

Also, our slightly overweight cats have regained excellent condition and slightly underweight cats gained weight. We are delighted and with a clear conscience we recommend that new families continue the above-mentioned diet of our kittens. The starter kits that our pupils receive when they go to new homes will never miss this dry and wet food.


To supplement any missing nutrients, at Dudoland * PL we also use the following food supplements and vitamin preparation. A basic 3-item set of food supplements includes:


  • RIBES PET PERLE RECOVERY, soft capsules with a high concentration of essential fatty acids, ideal for the DRX breed (Omega 6 and 3).
  • PROGEN ACTIV C, dietary supplement for cats to make up for missing nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and mineral supplements.
  • PROGEN ACTIV OSTEO a comprehensive specialized bioactive preparation based on colostrum bovinum for proper functioning of joints. It contains ingredients that have chondroprotective effects supporting regeneration of articular surfaces, proper structure of bone tissues, ligaments and tendons. The only preparation for animals with vitamin K that plays a vital role in calcium metabolism of bone tissues.
  • BENE-BAC® PET PLUS GEL is a palatable easy-to-use gel or powder containing naturally occurring microorganisms and concentrated FOS.

When it comes to newborns, if necessary, we give the following products:



KMR® Kitten Milk Replacer Powder – The Best Seller milk replacer for newborns up to kittens 6 weeks old.

  • containing prebiotics and probiotics, a source of live naturally occurring microorganisms
  • fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy growth and development.
  • formulated to closely match mother’s milk in protein, fats and carbohydrates
  • easy to digest, very tasty, easy to serve a perfect supplement after surgery and during recovery.

farm food

FARM FOOD is a complete milk nutrition for new-born kittens and puppies. This powdered milk is based on full fat goat milk (with cream) contrary to products based on cow’s milk, skimmed milk (cream-free milk). It is easy to digest due to amino acid pattern and fatty acid pattern. This substitute milk for dogs and cats contains several substances to stimulate and protect intestines. This milk product is mild and ideal for young pets with digestive system not yet fully developed.



ACS feline colostrum for cats. The most biologically valuable product available on the market. Feline colostrum contained in ACS contains over 250 chemical compounds with an almost 40-fold increased content of biologically active ingredients compared to milk.

Colostrum is a rich source of immune factors, microelement-protein compounds, exogenous amino acids, bacteria and virus oxidizing enzymes, and anti-fungal agents.

To sum up, we are of the opinion that good and valuable products should be recommended and this post is not a branded content. We share our experience and comments with you and encourage you to make wise decision regarding the choice of diet for our beloved four-legged friends.


A short time ago, we have familiarized you with nutrition patterns of our cats and I must admit that I did not expect it would be received so enthusiastically.

We are very happy about it, knowing that huge interest in this topic proves your awareness and willingness to give our four-legged friends what is most important and best for them, and that their health and well-being is a priority to you.

So, have you ever wondered what kind of water you pets are supplied with?

Tap water is not always 100% safe and may not be as ‘clean’ as we think. Drinking water may contain substances harmful to health, not only fungicides, trace amounts of drugs and hormones, micro plastic, drugs, E. coli, heavy metals, solvents and disinfection by-products, lead, asbestos, mercury, chlorine, pesticides, but also more than 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, cysts, pathogenic yeasts and fungal pathogens.

Micro-biological contaminants such as giardia, gardenia and cysts..

Do you know that water is involved in many of pet body’s vital functions:

  • boosts metabolism
  • eliminates waste and toxins
  • promotes successful defecation
  • is vital for many processes related to metabolism
  • transports various substances (nutrients) to cells
  • regulates body temperature, especially in warm environment. Waterhelps the kidneysremove wastes from blood, increases metabolism, adds energy, provides efficient lubrication around joints and improves overall physical performance


Few more sentences about harmful effects of bottled water, which is not subject to quality control. The thing is that plastic packaging contains BISPHENOL (I do encourage you to read more about it) and more than hundred other harmful substances that are released during storage. All this makes bottled water unappealing for us in terms of our health. There is evidence that bottled water is often stored in unsuitable conditions, especially during transport, in warehouses and stores, e.g. being exposed to direct sunlight.


Therefore, there are numerous reasons for including healthy and clean water both in the diet of our 4-legged friends and ourselves

What to do to have good quality water at home without producing tons of plastic waste? If you are interested in this topic, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail, we will be happy to share with you the solution that turned out to be the best for us.

We also recommend drinking throughs and water fountains that will encourage your cat to drink more water. Sufficient amount of healthy water is important for cats in many areas of their body. For example, this helps to prevent the build-up of crystals in the urinary tract, which could lead to urinary diseases.

A drinking fountain has a capacity of up to two litres and your cat will never spill it while you’re absent. It is a very smart solution, it works well in hot weather and while you’re absent for several hours a day.

The fountain we have selected for our cattery features a motion detection, so it turns on when a kitten is nearby. Thus, it will encourage your pet to drink. Motion detection can be turned off providing continuous running water.

It is very quiet and due to simple and modern design it has become a stylish complement to our interiors.

The pet water fountain is equipped with a replacement filter to keep water fresh and retain large impurities, such as cat’s hair. Thanks to this, your pet will always have access to fresh water. Of course, remember that the filter should be replaced every 3-4 weeks.

 We are glad that you have read this post. We encourage everyone to use healthy and safe water so as to improve the quality of life in your homes and catteries.