Litter O1 – 22.04.2023

Litter O1 is another mating I’ve been waiting impatiently for 💙💙💙💙💙

Joko Dudoland* PL’s considerable beauty and high level of “gremlin-like” appearance has been admired since she was a little kitty + Lirika’s Amadeus Black – a true “gremlin” who contributes a lot to our breeding line 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛

This mating turned out to be a great combination of genes and gave me exactly what I wanted –  100% of Devon in Devon. The level of sweetness in these kittens far exceeded my expectations hence I rate them as ‘extremely sweet’.

This is exactly the kind of “elfs” I want to breed. Here everything is as it should be: the shape of the eye, the width of the head, huge ears, nice necks and a gorgeous body. Most importantly, the entire litter is very even, they lack nothing …

Let me just briefly mention the labour … Joko needed merely two hours to make us this happy.
In the first four weeks I had to assist her a little with breast feeding, but not that much.

Their father Amadeusz is a very efficient male cat … I will tell you in secret that the next P1 litter is equally numerous 🙂

Get to know our sweet “gremlins”:

🔹 O – L A U R A  blue girl cat – remains with our cattery for 101 %

🔹 O – F E N D I  blue girl cat – RESERVATION

🔹 O K A P I  blue boy cat – RESERVATION

🔹 O L L I  black boy cat – RESERVATION

🔹 O M G   B B B  [Beautiful Black Butterfly 🦋] black boy cat – RESERVATION

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