Kittens L1

On October 10, 2022 we welcomed this year’s last litter L1 to the world. This time there were no surprises in terms of colour. Blue Jolly Dudoland*PL which passes no chocolate + white – blue Tokyo Dudoland*PL could produce nothing but ‘blueberries’ or ‘blueberries with snowflakes’.  During Ultrasound scan, the vet spotted 4 kittens…. two baby girls + two baby boys … awww!

Kittens are cute and most importantly, healthy 🙂 Please, note that their parents meet all health standards adopted by our cattery in 2013 at the time it was established. View our tab HEALTH IS OUR PRIORITY. You can find all wellness examinations of our cats on our INSTAGRAM in the ‘HEALTH’ tab.

Get to know our little ones:

❄️  L U C I L I A  blue-white/ baby girl – RESERVATION

❄️  L U K R E C I A  blue/ baby girl – RESERVATION

❄️  L A R O  blue-white/ baby boy – RESERVATION

❄️  L U P O blue-white/ baby boy – RESERVATION

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♥ lucilia ♥

♥ lukrecia ♥

♥ laro ♥

♥ lupo ♥