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about devon rex



I have always been fascinated by cats. There is something magic in their movements, independence, and going their own way. Although they fawn on us they still demonstrate a unique personality and there is a grain of truth in all those funny internet pictures showing that it is your cat who decided to live with you, not the other way around.


One day I was seized by the desire to have an ideal feline. I looked for a cat to be dog-like in temperament and personality, not losing a dander, and a very socialized one. I used to divide people into dog lovers and cat lovers. But when I saw a Devon Rex for the first time a few years ago all my former preconceptions had to be set aside. I wasn’t even sure if it was a cat and I am still not quite sure when I see those magic eyes and enormous energy. It reminds me of E.T. from the S. Spielberg’s movie. I would venture a guess that it is a companionable alien.


Bizarre and unique in appearance they evoke different emotions, some people are fascinated by them while others are disaffected. I fell head over heels for them and I think that life without a Devon would be boring. My first Devon- Django Loki-Miao*PL turned to be a charm of good fortune. Once it lived with me (01.12.2013) I wanted to become a breeder as there is never too much happiness…

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DUDOLAND*PL cat – breeding is a member of SMK Żory Club – an associate club of Felis Polonia – Polish Feline Federation (FPL), which is the largest Polish feline organization of Feline Clubs and Organisations. Our cats receive a trustworthy – multi-generation pedigrees from the world’s largest International Feline Federation – Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe).