Kittens D1

At the end of this very busy and plentiful year 2021, let us present the D litter. Proud parents are cats from our cattery: Jahan Dudoland*PL and snow-white Helenka Dudoland*PL. It is the last (fourth) litter of our Helenka Dudoland*PL who has gone into her well-deserved retirement. She stays with us as parting is out of the question for various reasons.

We are more than happy to present the ‘cheerful and playful Five’ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • DEBORAH black tortoiseshell / girl cat – RESERVATION
  • DESTINY black tortoiseshell / girl cat – RESERVATION
  • DOBBY w 64 white green-eyed / boy cat – RESERVATION
  • DOTAN red green-eyed /boy cat – RESERVATION
  • DJANGO n black green-eyed/ boy cat – RESERVATION

DOBBY DUDOLAND*PL is the last white ‘demon’ born in our cattery. Our adventure with this colour has come to an end. This boy already has a certificate confirming normal hearing range.
A responsible breeder should always hold a white cat’s Certificate of Hearing, whether it’s a lovable pet cat or a cat for breeding purposes. So to recap, all white kittens born in our cattery have normal hearing range, but in order to be sure, BAER tests must be performed successfully passed.

Little D-gremlins are growing up fast and are very similar both to daddy and mommy. Beautiful big green eyes after Helen + big ears after dad is what we love the most in this extraordinary breed. View our photo gallery and see for yourself 😊😊

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♥ deborah ♥

♥ destiny ♥

♥ dobby ♥

♥ dotan ♥

♥ django ♥