Little ones from the litter S

This year has been absolutely crazy and full of surprises… and it’s not over yet!!! We are delighted to introduce the puppies from S litter ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The first chocolate girl born in our cattery and three white snowflakes, whose daddy is GIC Florentino’s Ringo Star.
Seraphina Chocolate Tortie / Girl – RESERVATION
Salvador w64 White with green eyes / Boy – RESERVATION
Sansa w64 White with green eyes / Girl – RESERVATION
Santa w64 White with green eyes / Girl – RESERVATION

It’s the third litter of Helenka who was born in our home cattery. It was another textbook example of a perfect birth and our snowflake’s maternal instinct makes us very happy. Her little gremlins are growing very fast and are much like their daddy, i.e. the type that we love the most. Our favourite one in this litter is Salvador- the only boy … At the moment we do not know yet how the kittens’ eyes will change colour … so we will keep you in suspense in this respect and in the meantime, we encourage you to visit our profile on FB: DUDOLAND

♥ seraphina ♥

♥ salvador ♥

♥ sansa ♥

♥ santa ♥