kot w podróży

Raising our own competences

I’ve been wondering how did it come about that Dudoland is at the stage it is now. We are not animal breeders neither by profession nor by education. And yet, after 8 years of gathering experience and hard work, this activity has dominated our world. And nothing is going to change that… I know this for sure, thus our priority is to participate in good and valuable trainings where we can gradually supplement our knowledge about cats and this particular breed.

Raising your own competences and acquiring knowledge is always important, no matter where you are and what you do at the time. We are not commercial breeding; we do not breed for colour. We focus on health, good socialisation, character and appearance. DEVON is neither a hare nor an oriental, it’s worth to think about in your breeding work.

If you are interested in professional training, I would like to recommend Ms. Anna Wilczek. I am proud that I could participate in one of those training sessions. Another great issue – essential knowledge of the eyes, including colours, tones, shades, and contrasts. The knowledge about the structure of the eye, how a particular colour develops and what determines its intensity or lack of intensity. Priceless lesson, I recommend it with all my heart! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️