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Communication through touch webinar

So far, I have used touch therapy completely unconsciously and intuitively, yet, I have always believed that touch can work miracles … Through this training, I have learned many tips and strengthened my belief in the absolutely miraculous power of touch 🐈🐾

Here is to certify that Ms. Magdalena Zasada participated in the COMMUNICATION THROUGH TOUCH Webinar on intentional conscious touch and massage techniques that increase awareness of the cat’s body, improve cat’s health and well-being, make positive changes to unwanted habits and behaviours, anxiety and stress, alleviate common cat problems, such as wariness, shyness or aggression, help to build the sense of security and trust and deepen the relationship with a caregiver.

Łódź, 02.12.2021 Anna Wilczek, FIFe* International Felinological All-Breed Judge ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️