Jakarta Jabulani UA

Sooner or later further breed development became necessary…

I always used to dream about a little white Devon from a recognized foreign breed.
That is why I made the final decision so rapidly!!! At the end of July Dudoland was joined by a new green-eyed girl kitten – JAKARTA. Her beautiful fur has ideal colour and type. :)

Natasza and Dudi (Django) were not opposed and became friends with her quite quickly. JAKARTA has been on board for more than 2 weeks and I am really happy to see them all sympathizing with one another. Dudi has gone crazy about her ….. and Natasza seems to be reasonable and never shows signs of jealousy. We are keeping to the plan…

When it comes to planning… I hope to welcome new kittens on the fall of November and December 2015 . What about Natasza and Dudi ???? Let’s see ….

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t put some new snapshots  ;)