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Litter W – 29.04.2021

We are about to finish the alphabet ☺☺☺ Please, allow me to remind you that the first litter “A” of our cattery was registered with the Felis Polonia (FPL) in April 2015. Throughout these 6 years, we participated in several labours and had a great pleasure of raising the kittens. Each next litter is an ultimate adventure for us‼️ We are lucky that our breeding cats love to be mothers and give us – the owners – these wonderful, healthy, perfectly socialized kittens🔝🔝🔝

The W litter is another planned and highly anticipated combination. The parents of the litter are: Polly Dudoland*Pl 🇵🇱 and Jahan Dudoland*PL 🇵🇱 Great fur, very large demonic eyes, high foreheads, rounded noses and wide heads are the main advantages of this mating. We have one raven black girl and three boys 💋💋💋💋

Walery n black girl – RESERVATION
Wincenty a blue boy – RESERVATION
Wafel a blue boy – RESERVATION
William n black boy – RESERVATION

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