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Litter Z

Palmira Dudoland*PL 🇵🇱  is undoubtedly a girl who provokes me to incessant confessions of love … I waited a long time for her children to appear. And here are my dream miracles with a lovely colour coat! I didn’t deserve that much… 4 girls + the only one blue boy  💋💋💋💋💋

  • ZuZa  n black girl – WILL DEFINITELY STAY WITH US
  • ZORA  n black girl – RESERVATION
  • ZOLLY  n black girl – RESERVATION
  • ZsaZsa  a blue girl – RESERVATION
  • ZAX  a blue boy – RESERVATION

I decided to keep one of these black girls … ZuZa Dudoland*PL is the great-granddaughter of our black Norwegian happiness (N) Santala’s Yaya. I secretly hope that the little one will soon look at me with green eyes … and green eyes + black thick fur + large low-set ears = A DREAM OF 100% DEVON COME TRUE.

The daddy of these lovely little ‘furry balls’ is Jahan Dudoland*PL 🇵🇱, our raven black ‘graduate’ from J litter. He is a boy who can handle any girl … Magical and lovely, he will soon turn 3 years and, likewise his father and grandfather, he does not mark the territory.

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