kot w podróży

Little black sheep from litter V

Every pregnancy, birth and kitten development period is equally important to us as they deliver plenty of emotions  ☺😉😊  It happens that we spend the whole day waiting for the first contractions and kittens being born, but there are also “express deliveries”. Litter V is one of those fastest, a one-hour labour in the last eight years ‼️ Two “black sheep” were born on March 5, 2021. A girl and a boy ❤❤

VASILISA black bicolour – under OBSERVATION

I may be repeating myself but I am over the moon again 😇😇😇 Mummy is a charming and charismatic black bicolour Florentino’s Caretta *DE and daddy is our jet-black “graduate” Jahan Dudoland*PL ❤❤❤❤❤❤

🔜🔜🔜 At the moment, the little ones are under observation and may be available for reservation at some later time.

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