Natasha and all the unexpected things – litter G 27.10.2017 : )

IC Nataszka Calvados*PL never ceases to amaze us ‼️

This time, instead of 3 images captured by USG scan we finally got 5 little hearts and 431 grams of pure happiness brought to Dudoland literally in an hour.  

The labour was fast and easy one and once again Nataszka proved herself to be a perfect mother! The very first hours were relatively difficult as the kittens were rushing to the nipples. However, Nataszka easily handled the situation. I got lost again and I can’t stop myself from starring at the „maternity ward” ….

In the second half of February 2018, the newly born kittens will be ready to bring joy to Devon Rex Lovers. At that time, they will have been socialized, dewormed and vaccinated twice, ready to leave their parents and start a happy life with new owners.  

We have 1 male and 4 female kittens:

  • GUSTAW ❤️ – red tabby boy –  RESERVATION
  • GRAFI ❤️ – black- torbie tabby girl – RESERVATION
  • GEORGIA ❤️ –  black- torbie girl – RESERVATION
  • GIULITTA ❤️ – black point- torbie- tabby girl – RESERVATION
  • GABRIELE ❤️ – black point- torbie girl RESERVATION