Cat-friendly Interior

This season, we decided to slightly improve the interior so that our precious cats could feel safe and relieve everyday stress by having lot of fun. The idea was to give them something more than just a scratching post, thus we decided to buy another product from the store of Ms Izabela Praska As soon as the “tree” was launched on the market, we made our order … and it turned out to be a bull’s-eye!!!

First of all, our cats will not sleep in the corners anymore, but on the aforementioned tree, which they loved from the first day. Everyone has their favourite spot, but the hammock is
the undisputed leader, so we are doing a brain work now trying to add another hammock here.

Moreover, when they are all awake, they just play foot chase, tag or something like that, and after 3 months of use, their enthusiasm and tree “affection” has not and will probably never fade away. This is the best playground one can imagine and a safe place to rest both for older cats and 2-month kittens.

Furthermore, we also decided to buy a spinning wheel also from a Polish manufacturer Cat spinning wheel. It is a niche product, less known on the market, but we decided to test it out. What Mr. Bartek made for us brought us to our knees. Handicraft, a masterpiece, absolute beauty! The top quality product, very safe, thanks to the expert knowledge that Mr. Bartek has in the field of constructing this type of toys.

This spinning wheel is made of plywood, wooden squares and top-quality carpet having a nice colour. The stand is made of steel profiles. The spinning wheel has two very durable bearings ensuring smooth and quiet movement.

Polly is dead keen on this spinning wheel (she is in the photo – easily recognizable for her big eyes 😉 ) What she does on it is a real monkey madness! So good that the spinning wheel is perfectly balanced, and still safe even for such a freak.

Note that article is not a product advertisement. The intention was only to share joy and euphoria of a breeder who is happy about her beloved pets having good fun with no room for boredom!

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