kot w podróży

Litter U –  born on 20.01.2021

Our beloved Joko Dudoland * PL made us happy with three sweet puppies. Joko is definitely a model type, extremely shapely and graceful. I love her body but she is also a great mother. I had to assist her a bit in raising the little ones – but in the end we made it. Oh, those sleepless nights, getting up every 3 hours, massaging the bellies and heating the milk … but I’ve got nothing to complaint about. Joko’s kittens are exceptionally beautiful and behave wonderfully.

Litter U comprises one boy and two girls ❤ ❤ ❤

Their daddy Florentino’s Hermes * DE does not transfer bright colours. Thus, we will not get blue colour from this mating. I put it for information only, as many people keep asking me why kittens are not blue. For us, it makes absolutely no difference, the more that the girls are wonderfully white. We are very happy with this litter and we hope that sister Jolly will also give birth to similar “miracles”. We plan to mate her with the same dad…. When ? Good question … unfortunately we don’t know the answer yet… we hope that mother nature will do it for us 😉

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