Born on: 02-05-2017 

Colour: b23 
Blood type: A 
Father: IC Florentino’s Red Hot Flash
Mother: CH Florentino’s Celeste

gic Florentino’s Ringo Star*de

I had a dream… and it came true with FLORENTINO’S RINGO STAR ❤ – my true chocolate LOVE … bringing not only new „chocolate flavours” but also new opportunities. I can’t wait to see the results of this new companionship. I have got a plan in my head, if it proves successful I will get the wheels turning I have been wondering for quite a long time what breeding lines to choose, what to focus on, and what I really like about this breed, i.e. what features I would like to bring out…
I browsed all available sources, saw hundreds of photos and bloodlines, and it turned out that all roads lead me and my dreams to Germany – a country most beloved by me by reason of my profession. This journey took me to another well-established breeding… FLORENTINO. Now, I am a lucky owner of a beautiful chocolate male cat – RINGO STAR, courtesy of sweetheart CHRISTA.
I do not intend to write at length on his genotype in the strict sense as this breeding line needs no introduction for those who are familiar with it, however, I do want to emphasise their incredible personality – a lovely nature that everyone is entranced by. I wish you all get such a wonderful DEVON.

Jahan Dudoland*PL

2019 was a very generous year for us. Our next very important dreams related to our breeding plan came true. Without a question, Jahan Dudoland * PL is the best of them.

Our dream-like, pitch-black ‘stud’ with such a wonderful character. We love his strong and proportionate body, absolutely perfect fur, beautifully bulging eyes and a wide head.

Jahan is the second generation of Dudoland * Pl. This year, we have very promising mating ideas for him, including Helenka Dudoland * PL. Perhaps in the third generation of Dudoland * PL we will eventually see the long-awaited chocolate children ❤

Born on: 31-03-2019

Colour: n
Blood type: A 
Father: CH Fabiano Dudoland*PL
Mother: (N) Santala’s YAYA

Born on: 29-05-2018

Colour: b 03 22

Blood type: A

Father: IC Florentino’s Red Hot Flash

Mother: CH Florentino’s Celeste

Florentino’s Hermes

A chocolate boy, classic tabby and wonderfully coloured with a noble fur and a unique character – from the mating that I love the most at Christa Dietmayr’s.

Florentino’s Hermes is a continuation of our dream of having chocolate offspring with extremely wide cheeks. Sometimes you have to wait a little bit longer for your dreams to come true.

The most important thing is to wait in a good company with experienced and ethical breeders who care for your success as much as you do. Christa, thank you very much for being there for me, for taking my hand and leading me this way, never letting me lose my goal or step back.

Thank you for a wonderful meeting, chat and sharing with me – a young and novice breeder – your knowledge, experience and this unique line. See you soon ❤