Litter R of June 19, 2020 – Our Dreams and Breeding Plans Absolutely Fulfilled

The moment has come for us to combine two noble and proven breeding lines, namely
the wonderful strong black Norwegian (N) Santala’s Yaya and the classic chocolate tabby bicolour i.e. Florentino’s Hermes * DE. This mating is nothing new in the world of DRX, we haven’t invented it, but we do believe that the kittens of this combination are unique and gorgeous in every aspect. This time our Norwegian treasure gave us 5 healthy kittens – a total of 410 grams of tabby happiness, which is growing perfectly :


  • ROSANNA n 03 22 black bicolour girl with classic stripes will stay in our cattery 101% sure
  • ROSALIE n 22 black girl with classic stripes RESERVATION
  • RESSE o 23 cinnamon tiger boy RESERVATION
  • RAFFAEL n 23 black tiger boy RESERVATION
  • RAGNAR n 09 23 black tiger boy with an undefined amount of white RESERVATION

(N) Santala’s Yaya is a wonderful mother, her Norwegian operating system impresses us once again. She is very protective of her kittens. She shows patience and calmness and is enjoying motherhood.

In this litter we have 2 beautiful girls and they will stay with us indisputably. We would also like to keep one boy. However, we want this decision to be well thought out and the best of the best, so we will make it when the little ones are 2 months old.

See the gallery of kittens in the OUR LITTERS section and visit our profile on FB: DUDOLAND


Florentino’s Hermes*DE

(N) Santala’s Yaya