A short time ago, we have familiarized you with nutrition patterns of our cats and I must admit that I did not expect it would be received so enthusiastically.

We are very happy about it, knowing that huge interest in this topic proves your awareness and willingness to give our four-legged friends what is most important and best for them, and that their health and well-being is a priority to you.

So, have you ever wondered what kind of water you pets are supplied with?

Tap water is not always 100% safe and may not be as ‘clean’ as we think. Drinking water may contain substances harmful to health, not only fungicides, trace amounts of drugs and hormones, micro plastic, drugs, E. coli, heavy metals, solvents and disinfection by-products, lead, asbestos, mercury, chlorine, pesticides, but also more than 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, cysts, pathogenic yeasts and fungal pathogens.

Micro-biological contaminants such as giardia, gardenia and cysts..

Do you know that water is involved in many of pet body’s vital functions:

  • boosts metabolism
  • eliminates waste and toxins
  • promotes successful defecation
  • is vital for many processes related to metabolism
  • transports various substances (nutrients) to cells
  • regulates body temperature, especially in warm environment. Waterhelps the kidneysremove wastes from blood, increases metabolism, adds energy, provides efficient lubrication around joints and improves overall physical performance


Few more sentences about harmful effects of bottled water, which is not subject to quality control. The thing is that plastic packaging contains BISPHENOL (I do encourage you to read more about it) and more than hundred other harmful substances that are released during storage. All this makes bottled water unappealing for us in terms of our health. There is evidence that bottled water is often stored in unsuitable conditions, especially during transport, in warehouses and stores, e.g. being exposed to direct sunlight.


Therefore, there are numerous reasons for including healthy and clean water both in the diet of our 4-legged friends and ourselves

What to do to have good quality water at home without producing tons of plastic waste? If you are interested in this topic, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail, we will be happy to share with you the solution that turned out to be the best for us.

We also recommend drinking throughs and water fountains that will encourage your cat to drink more water. Sufficient amount of healthy water is important for cats in many areas of their body. For example, this helps to prevent the build-up of crystals in the urinary tract, which could lead to urinary diseases.

A drinking fountain has a capacity of up to two litres and your cat will never spill it while you’re absent. It is a very smart solution, it works well in hot weather and while you’re absent for several hours a day.

The fountain we have selected for our cattery features a motion detection, so it turns on when a kitten is nearby. Thus, it will encourage your pet to drink. Motion detection can be turned off providing continuous running water.

It is very quiet and due to simple and modern design it has become a stylish complement to our interiors.

The pet water fountain is equipped with a replacement filter to keep water fresh and retain large impurities, such as cat’s hair. Thanks to this, your pet will always have access to fresh water. Of course, remember that the filter should be replaced every 3-4 weeks.

 We are glad that you have read this post. We encourage everyone to use healthy and safe water so as to improve the quality of life in your homes and catteries.