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Surprising Litter T

Everyone who follows our breeding plans and dreams knows perfectly well that we are hungry for chocolate kittens …

However, we have never and will never put colour before the DRX type. Our selection has always been driven by genotype, health as well as appropriate and matching breeding lines, taking into account the most noble and proven ones.

And that’s how the blue colour appeared in our cattery, although we never had an intentional combination to this colour. Imagine our surprise when we got the J litter, 3 blue kittens vs 3 pitch black kittens  ❤❤❤❤❤❤

It was a golden litter. An absolute Jackpot! A stroke of luck… Whatever they call it.

This is where our adventure with this amazing colour was to end, since genetic research showed that our Florentino’s Hermes*DE won’t pass bright colours on.

But we are not working on the colour but on the type, and in fact we still dream about 🍫🍫 chocolate 😊.

And that’s how we happily bred a T-litter … and we hope that it will not end with these two Jackpots and that we will continue to be that lucky. With the mating of raven black Jahan Dudoland*PL with chocolate-white Florentino’s Capri*DE we had about 6% chance by pedigree… Given our perfect type blue-and-white boy and our female cats Joko, Jolly, Polly and Palmira we can safely assume that any of their potential offspring will in no way exceed safe inbreeding coefficient.

Summing up, we are destined to “blue” in the future…. completely by coincidence.

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