kot w podróży

ZiwiPeak Food

When choosing food for our pet, always go for the best brands and recipes! This is why we decided to switch to ZiwiPeak pet food which is undoubtedly the top pet food brand in the world. The ultimate world class: ULTRA PREMIUM.

100% natural, nutritious and perfectly balanced food. A unique dry food – it contains as much as 85% of an excellent, nutritious and hypoallergenic source of high-quality meat protein, while maintaining 15% moisture. 100% natural recipe ensures excellent digestibility (95%) and beneficial health properties.

This pet food is rich in the New Zealand green-lipped mussels which are an amazing joint support.  Perfectly crafted recipes are suited to the cat’s digestive system, it is easily and perfectly digestible, causes no bloating, and the cat’s poop is malleable (not too soft, not to hard) and much smaller in volume (it’s a fact, we have witnessed this !!!). Made in New Zealand using only the purest natural New Zealand ingredients. It took our cats a week* to switch into this new food but they loved that taste!


reflects natural diet of cats, delivering the same combination and proportion of ingredients as may be found in the natural diet of cats being obligate carnivores.

Despite appearances, it is not a conventional dry food and it will certainly satisfy all those who prefer a natural diet based on raw meat (BARF) for their cats. ZiwiPeak food requires no freezing, it is ready to scoop and serve. Apart from its unique nutritional value, it is also extremely practical, especially when you go on vacation or for a cat show with your cat.

Let us summarize the HEALTH BENEFITS of introducing this food to the menu at Dudoland*PL:

  • Improved digestion – no bloating, bowel movements less frequent and smaller in size
  • Healthy body weight
  • Healthy skin and a shiny coat / no allergies
  • Healthy teeth and gums
  • Healthy joints
  • Daily energy and vitality

The HIGHEST STANDARD OF PACKAGING is also worth noting:

All packages of ZiwiPeak air-dried foods feature recloseable slider zip lock bags to keep the product fresh with frequent opening and closing of the package. Each package includes a measuring cup to help you precisely measure portions of food following the ZiwiPeak nutritional recommendations.

The price is no longer relevant to us, because we want to give our four-legged friends what’s best for them … and that’s what we found!

We also encourage you to read our post on cat nutrition in Dudoland*PL and the importance of healthy and clean water for our four-legged friends.


* Transitioning your cat to ZiwiPeak pet food:

As with every cat’s diet change, the new food should be introduced gradually. For the first few days, replace 1 daily portion of old food with ZiwiPeak. For the next few days, mix 50% old with 50% new food, and for the next few days, ZiwiPeak should be already 3 servings of the cat’s daily food. After this period, the ZiwiPeak food should constitute 100% of our cat’s daily diet. In the case of particularly sensitive cats, we can introduce the new food even longer.

IMPORTANT! Cats tend to be more “finicky”, but it should be remembered that when introducing new foods with excellent compositions often varying in shape from the old ones, we need to be patient and wait out the most difficult days of your pet being “fussy”… note that your cat is going through taste changes to fully enjoy healthy and harmonious development.